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two. (from the mouth) to create saliva. His mouth watered with the sight of many of the foodstuff. water يَسيلُ اللُعاب увлажнявам със слюнка encher-se de água slinit wässern løbe i vand τρέχουν τα σάλια μου hacerse la boca agua vett jooksma آب آفتادن vesi kielellä saliver לְהַזִיל मुंह में पानी आना curiti (sline) nyáladzik mengeluarkan liur fyllast af vatni avere l'acquolina in bocca よだれが出る 침을 흘리다 prisirinkti seilių (par siekalām) saskriet mutē terliur, kecur watertanden løpe i vann ślinić się encher-se de água a saliva выделять слюну sliniť sliniti se proizvoditi pljuvačku vattnas น้ำลายไหล sulanmak 流口水 виділяти слину منھ میں پانی بھر آنا chảy nước bọt 淌口水 fer-se la boca aigua

waterless adj → trocken; desert → arid (spec); a water planet → ein Planet m → ohne Wasser

a spring or other place wherever water are available within a desert or other dry place. The elephant drank in the waterhole. drinkgat, waterpunt حُفْرَة مائِيَّه، بِئْر ماء езерце poço louže, napajedlo das Wasserloch van νερόλακκοςcharco veesilm چالاب juomapaikka mare מִקווֶה מַיִם गड्ढा lokva víztócsa mata air vatnsból (pozza d'acqua) 水飲場 물 웅덩이, 샘 versmė, vandenvietė avots; (dzīvniekiem) dzeršanas vieta lopak air waterpoel vannhullkałuża ; źródełko چل poço oază ключ jazierko, mláka mlaka pojilo vattenhål หลุมหรือแอ่งน้ำตามผิวพื้นดินโดยเฉพาะบริเวณที่สัตว์ต่างๆไปดื่มกิน kaynak 水坑 артезіанський колодязь پانی کا چشمہ 水坑 toll

Earth's area, surface - the outermost level of the land or sea; "earthquakes originate much under the area"; "a few quarters with the Earth's area is covered by water"

But he reported he speedily uncovered that fantastic intentions could not compete with intimidating politicians and also a fearful bureaucracy.

Picture Clay Massey, six, waits for his mom to put prescription ointment on agonizing scabs and rashes that she said have been caused by polluted bath water. When Mrs. Read More Here Hall-Massey’s relatives left on vacation, her sons’ rashes cleared up. After they returned, the rashes reappeared. Her dentist explained to her that chemicals gave the impression to be harmful her enamel and her son’s, she claimed.

For instance, 3 coal providers — Loadout, Remington Coal and Pine Ridge, a subsidiary of Peabody Electricity, one of the most important coal businesses on the earth — described to state officials that ninety three % of your waste they injected near this Local community had unlawful concentrations of chemical compounds together with arsenic, lead, chromium, beryllium or nickel.

As the caliber of her water worsened, Mrs. Hall-Massey’s after-wholesome tooth desired quite a few crowns. Her son brushed his teeth often, utilised a fluoride rinse 2 times every day and was not permitted to try to eat sweets. Even so, he continued getting cavities right up until the relatives stopped applying tap water. By the point his more youthful brother’s tooth commenced coming in, the loved ones was utilizing bottled water to brush. He has not had dental issues.

“I’ve been declaring given that Working day One I would like to work on these websites water troubles really broadly across the country,” she said. On Friday, the E.P.A. explained that it was reviewing dozens of coal-mining permits in West Virginia and three other states to verify they might try this site not violate the Clear Water Act.

Neighbors implement special lotions right after showering simply because their skin burns. Tests exhibit that their tap water consists of arsenic, barium, direct, manganese and other chemical compounds at concentrations federal regulators say could contribute to most cancers and damage the kidneys and anxious program.

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